#purebylucesquad in Cameroon: Valentine

Valentine Vandenbussche is stewardess with Brussels Airlines, flying to exotic destinations mainly in Central Africa and North America. Here you can spot the adventurous power lady wearing her favorite Ula Tulum leggings on her hotel rooftop in Yanoundé, the capital of Cameroon. “I always travel as light as possible and my pure by luce leggings are an essential travel buddy. It’s the only piece of clothing I always take with me. I loves that it’s light, doesn’t take much space and is really qualitative. I love to wear it casually throughout the day with cool sneakers and a nice jacket or sweater. But if I decide to go tho the gym in the hotel I can always rely on these leggings.” We’re so thrilled about her nice words…

Whether you’re climbing the Table Mountain, going for a seaside run or just chilling in pure by luce… We love it when you share your travel or workout pics!

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